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Get your flight data files automatically transmitted and analyzed just minutes after landing

Improve mission debriefing, decrease costs and increase fuel efficiency for all of your aircraft with one powerful software solution.

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One Unified Solution

uQAR Recording

The uQAR records all flight data throughout the length of the flight.

uQAR Transmitting

Upon an airplane landing the u(QAR) system transmits all flight data captured during the flight to the cloud-based flight data system (XpressA™)

XpressA Processing

XpressA™ software safely processes flight data thought cloud-based processors.

Flight Analysis Report

Safety team receives detailed flight data analysis reports, EFB Access and a complete dashboard showing all metrics of flight data-all in one app.

Simple & Powerful

The ultra Quick Access Recorder (QAR) from FDT:

1. The uQAR records the aircraft flight data during the flight.

2. The uQAR automatically transmits flight data right after landing.

3. The XpressA™ (FDA-FDM-FOQA) dynamically processes flight data files. Emails are automatically sent in case of deviations are detected.

4. Flight data analysis reports are automatically accessible to safety team as well as the crew from anywhere anytime.

5. Offers cellular data offload capabilities for a maximum speed of data reception.

6. All in depth analysis tools as also available to flight data analysts, chief pilot and maintenance team.

7. Compatible with ARINC 573/717/747 FDRs.

8. AC and DC versions available.

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Simple & Powerful

Centralized uQAR & FDM-FOQA for all aircraft types

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Simple & Powerful

Benefits of FDT integrated uQAR - XpressA™

Automatically analyze flight data for:

  • Improving mission debriefing
  • Decreasing maintenance cost
  • Optimizing crew training
  • Getting pilots more confident.
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Technical Specifications

Format: 64/128/256/512/1024 wps Harvard bi-phase synchronized per ARINC 573/717/747 or bi-polar
Signal Characteristics: Compatible with ARINC 573/717/747
Processing: True differential analog processing with digitally adaptive bit synchronization
STC: STC, FAA, STC and EASA minor modification and Engineering Order from Part 21 packages available;
Quality Management System Certification:  ISO 13485:2016

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