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Flight Data Technologies Inc. (FDT) - is a developer and manufacturer of Flight Data Recorders and related safety avionic hardware and software serving the aerospace industry.
Our products are used by the Civil Aviation, General Aviation, Cargo aircraft, Aircraft & Helicopters special missions and UAS.

Flight Data Technologies offers you a suite of safety avionic products. The range of our products includes FDR, combined FDR-CVR-Video with QAR, Wi-Fi QAR, automatic Flight Data Transmission on the ground as well as SATellite COMmunication (SATCOM) during flight plus Flight Data Analysis software solutions to integrate to your FDM and SMS strategy.

For Aircraft Manufacturers or large clients, FDT offers the flexibility to build custom FDR and CVFDR solutions. Our skilled professionals are excellent at finding a solution that optimally satisfies the requirements of the clients' project.

Based in Montreal, Canada, FDT extends its activities internationally through various sales offices, distributors and agents.

FDt Team

Meet the Team

Natalia Bacharnicova

Chief Executive Officer

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Jean-Nicolas Ruby

Executive Vice President

"Keep cool and fly"

Inna Lisogor

Marketing and Sales Director

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

Alex Vek

Senior Engineer

"Our future is in your hands"

Artem Galstian

Certification Manager

"Nothing is impossible. You just need to choose a starting point."

"Offering the best services to our clients in supporting their Global Safety Management System though innovative hardware and software solutions"
FDT Mission Statement


FDT benefits from its management staff and partners with over 30 years of expertise in accident investigation and airline operations. FDT was able to invest into the development of new Combined Flight Data Recorders, satellite data transmission and complementary products to offer effective Global Safety Management System. FDT offers a version of products dedicated for airlines and separate product versions for civil aviation organizations.