Flight data services for helicopters

Flight Data Technologies aircraft management system possessing is a unique knowledge how to process a digital analog flight data. We can retrieve and analyze flight data monitored by FDAU, BUR-1, or TESTER systems. The main difference is that the analog signal is continuous in time, while the digital signal consists of a limited set of coordinates. If everything is reduced to coordinates, then any segment of an analog signal consists of an infinite number of coordinates.

Some aircrafts have combined analog and numerical signals. Flight Data Technologies has a unique expertise to process flight data from both types of signals. We can retrieve, transmit and process any flight data from any types of helicopters, such as Bell, Airbus, Kamov, Mill, Augusta, Eurocopter or even Mars Helicopter

While we process flight data, we can segregate technical information from piloting technique. The aircraft maintenance department will enjoy different flight data format and dash board. Using XpressA, the aircraft maintenance department will reduce unpredicted aircraft maintenance or unplanned cost.

Our team have more then 30 years of experience of working with helicopters and difference digital flight data acquisition units.

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