Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), Flight Data Analysis (FDA) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) are elements of the Safety Management System (SMS). Establish a sustainable SMS is crucial for airline safety. FDT software LUCH is an integrated part of SMS. With more than 30 years of experience in the development of unambiguous algorithms used for data processing, calculations and reasoning, FDT Inc. provides a reliable Flight Data Monitoring process, Flight Data Analysis, and Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance.

FLIGHT DATA TECHNOLOGIES offers LUCH software: FDM-FDA turnkey solution

+ Complete customized FDA-FDM solution to install on your own server - most secured solution for your data
+ FDA-FDM services making analysis for you
+ Web-based LUCH software: customized FDA-FDM solution for you to access from anywhere, anytime

- All product customizations are possible based on specific airline needs.

  • Customized interface for each of your aircraft;
  • Automation of Flight Data conversion to Engineering Units and complete flight data analysis for both piloting techniques and aircraft maintenance;
  • Easy-to-use powerful tools to investigate any event;
  • Generation of complete documentation for different stakeholders;
  • Direct access to 3D flight path as well as 3D animation;
  • Offers both Statistical Reporting and Complete Data Output for external statistical tools;
  • Users have different secured access to all or part of the FDM information;
  • Can be installed on client's server or used as an online application;
  • All possible customizations are offered based on specific airline needs
Example of LUCH 3D Flight Replay

The same LUCH turnkey solution can be used for both fix wings and rotary wings aircrafts.

No need to have different solutions, the LUCH Turnkey solution can fit all your needs!

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