Flight Data Decoding

ArCon from Flight Data Technologies 

Universal Flight Data converter from Raw Data to Engineering units

Flight Data Technologies - ArCon 

The ArCon solution from Flight Data Technologies allows the user to run the ArCon application on the various encoded raw data files coming from client’s Flight Data Recorder and Quick Access Recorder to automatically generate usable binary files as one file per flight leg.

ArCon works with any type of flight data record configuration: 64/128/256/512/1024 words per second.

Every interested customer provides Flight Data Technologies with information on the various a/c Flight Data Recorders and Quick Access Recorder files they operate. Flight Data Technologies prepares a custom application based on each a/c tail number allowing ArCon to automatically generate the multiple flight data files for each a/c tail number to simplify their flight data analysis and flight operational quality assurance process.

In case the client also chooses to subscribe to the XpressA™ flight data analysis, flight data monitoring and flight operational quality assurance cloud-based application from Flight Data Technologies, the flight data analysis and safety documentation production can be automated.

ArCon is set by Flight Data Technologies for the client depending on the different aircraft identified by their tail number

Consult Flight Data Technologies today to ask how the ArCon solution can simplify your flight data process

For this, you can provide one raw flight data file per flight and preferably the Flight Data Recorder data frame information.

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