Commercial Aviation

Flight data Services for commercial aviation

As per ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) definition, commercial aviation is a commercial air transport operation. An aircraft operation involving the transport of passengers, cargo or mail for remuneration or hire (Annex 6, Part I, Chapter I, Page 1-1).

Flight data monitored during aircrafts operation are crucial for commercial aviation safety and efficiency. Flight Data Technologies will assist to operators to efficiently retrieve, process and analyze flight data. Due to the universal applicability Flight Data Technologies quick access recorders can be installed on any type of aircrafts. XpressA will provide statistical analysis for and airlines safety management system. All equipment is developed in compliance with DO-160 and ED112.

Quick assess recorders LTE /Wi-Fi will allow to process flight data instantaneously. With Flight Data Technologies the operator will use own data plan for data transferring. Operators will be able to check the aircraft technical condition right after the flight.

Using Flight Data Technologies products commercial operators will be following local safety regulations, optimize operational cost, achieve fuel efficiency

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