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Aircraft Maintenance with Flight Data Technologies

Flight Data Technologies Inc. XpressA provides aicraft maintenance solutions for the aviation industry.

To ensure flight safety Flight Data analysis should be a part of the processes of preventive aircraft maintenance. 

Using flight data monitoring, we can prevent failures of components and assemblies, significantly improve the efficiency of aircraft operations. We also offer a set of flight data services and capabilities to provide our customers with early detection of aircraft and component degradation to avoid costly operational disruptions and support corrective action decision making.

With the aid of Flight Data Technologies Inc. XpressA, automated statistical aircraft reliability analysis will be partially delegated to the avionic system. XpressA flight data analysis software will trigger deviations in avionic systems functions.

Annual global costs from unscheduled aricraft maintenance in 2017 was 20 billion dollars with the increasing projection to 40 billion in 2035. That includes small, large, narrowbody and widebody jets.

By using preventive measures, based on statistical findings by XpressA  an operator will reduce repair and other associated cost. Such as red-directing passengers via other airlines to the place of destination.

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