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Flight Data Transmission

FDT offers different types of Ultra Quick Access Recorder (U-QAR) Usable on all mandatory FDR-CVR and CVFDR Systems.


The FDT U-QAR solution is unique!

  • Directly installed on the front panel of FDR, the installation takes place a couple of minutes.
  • Designed to send Flight Data to Aircraft Operator central server automatically;
    The U-QAR has Embedded Wi-Fi to download data automatically or on demand using a mobile phone after the aircraft or helicopter was landing;
  • Upgradable to SATCOM solution

The U-QAR can at any time be upgraded to real-time data transmission adding the FDT SATCOM modem and FDT-Iridium data plan
U-QAR is available for classic FDRs like Honeywell SSFDR 4700 series, L3Com 2100 series, etc. It can also be proposed on request for other FDR systems.
The U-QAR from FDT comes in different models depending on FDR configuration, it can also be installed on the aircraft FDAU when necessary.

Below more examples of FDT U-QAR mounted on different FDRs


During all the time the FDR-CVR is powered on, the data are copied to the QAR.
At the time the aircraft arrives at its gate, the embedded Wi-Fi of the U-QAR detects the network connection and automatically download data to the Airline operator central server.

Depending on the desired configuration requested by the airline, you can automatically download data of the last flight to the benefit of an automatic flight analysis from FDM. You will be able to send the crew a flight debrief right after the flight.

You can also choose to have the data download to take place automatically only at a specific airport and select the download frequency. You always have a choice. If you require assistance, our expert will propose the best solution based on your context.
Now if it time to take full advantage of the Flight Data Management system, maximize the automation to avoid the additional cost of involving a maintenance team to download flight data.

This smart U-QAR from FDT can be installed on all your aircraft following the same logic.
As a second level, you also have the opportunity any time, to upgrade FDT U-QAR solution to real-time data transmission, by simply adding the FDT SATCOM modem, using your existing aircraft antenna and the FDT-Iridium Data plan.
With this complimentary solution, different parameters can now be transmitted during the flight. Data will be automatically transferred to the central airline server for dynamic analysis.

Contact FDT now to learn how the U-QAR solution can help you to improve day to day operations, optimizing the benefits of FDM and keeping you in compliance with the latest ICAO requirements. You can also highly improve your Flight Data Flow by implementing LUCH the FDM-FDA turnkey solution offered by FDT.

LUCH is the Efficient, Easy to Use and Cost Efficient FDM-FDM solution.

Example of Automatic secured download of Flight Data without human intervention

Example of manual download of Flight Data

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