Fuel Savings & CO2 Reduction

Flight Data Technologies analyzes the collected flight data to improve the calculations of aerodynamic characteristics, increase the efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety of the flight. Two options are available:

  • Flight Fuel Calculation consumed in flights for each aircraft and for the entire fleet of the airline, for analysis and further procedures to reduce fuel consumption;
  • Optimal Values of Aircraft Parameters calculation of the optimal values of aircraft flight parameters to optimize CO2 emissions and noise.

1.Flight Fuel Calculation at a given distance.

aircraft maintenance

Take-off weight, route and balance of the aircraft.

Initial data:

- Determination of altitudes and flight speeds at which the minimum fuel consumption is guaranteed during level flight at a given range;

- Determination of fuel consumption at a given altitude, flight speed and duration of a horizontal section;

- The results of comparing the values of the parameters of the performed horizontal flight with the calculated optimal values;

Received results:

- Recommendations for choosing a flight profile;

- Simplification of engineering and navigational calculations;

- Analysis of the optimazation of the choice of the values of the horizontal flight parameters at a distance;

- Fuel economy when performing a standard flight plan at a distance of 4000 km with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 1 t (with a flight intensity of 100 flights / month - savings of 100 t of fuel);

2. Calculation and correction of the optimal values of aircraft flight parameters for a given range

Maintaining optimal aircraft operation modes helps to reduce CO2 and noise.

Initial data: 

- Flight Plan;

- Current values of flight parameters, considering priorities;

- Weight and centering of the aircraft;

- Aerodynamic characteristics of a particular aircraft, engine characteristics;

Received results:

- Optimal flight profile with MACH number and flight speed required to ensure minimum fuel consumption;

- Detailed tables of cruise flight parameters, considering its real conditions (current flight weight, balance and temperature);

- Creation of the current values of flight parameters recommended to ensure the minimum fuel consumption and their registration for comparison with already performed flights;

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