Universal Quick Access Recorder

Universal Quick Access Recorder or uQAR is a wireless light flight data recorder designed for a quick and easy access to raw flight data

uQAR provides Instant Wireless transmission of raw flight data on any electronic device.

Universal quick access recorder is compatible with any type of aircraft, both fix wings and rotary wings equipped with flight data recorders and/or flight data acquisition units system.

IInstallation of Universal Quick Access Recorder does not require customization.

  • An easy and fast installation for any type of aircraft with both fix wings and rotary wings equipped with flight data recorders and/or flight data acquisition units system;
  • Doesn’t depend on flight data acquisition units, flight data recorder or cockpit voice and flight data recorder model already installed on your aircraft, universal quick access recordercan be installed in less than 2 hours on any aircraft.
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Universal Quick Access Recorder is a money saver

  • Due to embedded wireless technology, there is no need to open aircraft panels, or doors to access an SD-Card or PCMCI card, which can get lost or damaged;
  • Using the wireless Flight Data Technologies universal quick access recorder allows the aircraft operator to retrieve 100% of flight data and easy data transfer at no cost from anywhere;
  • With universal quick access recorder, the air operator has the opportunity to get access and get flight data analysis to be done after each flight;
  • Due to minor alteration, universal quick access recorder can directly be installed under FAA Form 8130–3 - no STC is needed.
  • We offer AML STC  for more then 40 types of aircrafts and variants in case you need it. Please contact us for more information

Contact Flight Data Technologies today to learn how the universal quick access recorder devices can help you streamline and optimize your flight data transfer between the aircraft and flight data monitoring systems.

The ultra quick access recorder (uQAR) is a device used in the aviation industry torecord and store flight data for analysis and safety purposes.

There are three main versions of the uQAR: uQAR0, uQAR1, and uQAR2. Eachversion offers different features and capabilities to cater to the specificneeds of clients.


uQAR0 is asimple, flexible, secure, and efficient version of the recorder. It provides alarge data storage capacity, allowing for more than 5,000 hours of flight datato be stored. The uQAR0 includes an embedded Wi-Fi source, enabling secure datadownload using smartphones, tablets, or laptops connected to Wi-Fi.

This version eliminates the need for memory cards, which can be easily lost ordamaged, and avoids issues related to data duplication or loss.


uQAR1 buildsupon the features of uQAR0 and adds automatic secured data transmissioncapabilities. In addition to the large data storage capacity and embedded Wi-Fisource, uQAR1 also includes automatic detection of aircraft landing. It canautomatically send the recorded flight data to the airline's central server.

The recorder connects to secure predefined modems and sends data filesautomatically, based on the configuration settings. The timing and frequency ofdata transmission can be customized, allowing for data transfer after eachflight or after a specific number of flights. uQAR1 eliminates the need formanual data transfer, simplifies the process, and ensures timely analysis offlight data.



uQAR2 is themost advanced version, incorporating all the features of uQAR1 and adding LongTerm Evolution (LTE) technology. In addition to the embedded Wi-Fi source andautomatic data transmission capabilities, uQAR2 integrates LTE, which includes3G, 4G, and 5G wireless network connectivity. This enables communication anddata transmission in locations where an Airline Modem is not available.

Similar to uQAR1, uQAR2 allows for configuration of data transmission timingand frequency. It provides an extended range of options for transmitting flightdata securely and efficiently.

The choice of uQAR version depends on the specificrequirements and preferences of the client. uQAR0 is suitable for those seekinga simple and efficient solution with a large data storage capacity. uQAR1offers the convenience of automatic data transmission to the airline's centralserver, eliminating manual intervention. uQAR2 further enhances thecapabilities by incorporating LTE technology for wider connectivity options.

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