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Universal Quick Access Recorder

uQAR is compatible with any type of aircraft, both fix wings and rotary wings equipped with FDR and/or FDAU system.

uQAR provides Instant Wireless transmission of raw flight data on any electronic device.

Universal Quick Access Recorder or uQAR is a wireless light flight data recorder designed for a quick and easy access to raw flight data

Installation of uQAR does not require customization.

  • An easy and fast installation for any type of aircraft with both fix wings     and rotary wings equipped with FDR and-or FDAU system;
  • Doesn’t     depend on FDAU or FDR or CVFDR model already installed on your aircraft,   uQAR can be installed in less than 2 hours on any aircraft.
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uQAR is a money saver

  • Due to  embedded wireless technology, there is no need to open aircraft panels, or  doors to access an SD-Card or PCMCI card, which can get lost or damaged;
  • Using the  wireless FDT uQAR allows the aircraft operator to retrieve 100% of flight  data and easy data transfer at no cost from anywhere;
  • With uQAR,  the air operator has the opportunity to get access and get flight data     analysis to be done after each flight;
  • Due to minor alteration, uQAR can directly be installed under FAA Form 8130–3 - no STC is  needed.

Contact FDT today to learn how the uQAR devices can help you streamline and optimize your flight data transfer between the aircraft and flight data management systems.

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QAR can be used in conjunction with FOQA/FDA XpressA. Using both products simultaneously permits instantaneous Express Analysis on device of your choices.

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