General Aviation

Flight data services for general aviation

As per definition of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) general aviation is all aircrafts operations except commercial air transport. General aviation includes corporate aviation, business aviation- self-flown for business purposes, private and personal travel.

It worth to mention that accidental rates in general aviation is much higher then in commercial aviation. It is important to maintain statistical analysis of all deviations from normal operations. That can be done by easy to retrieve and use dynamic flight data analysis, provided by Flight Data Technologies.

Flight Data Technologies provides quick access reorders and software applications for flight data retrieval, flight data analysis and flight data monitoring for wide range of business jets including light business jet, super mid-size jets, large and long-range business jets and VIP business jets.

We assist aircraft owners to assess and improve piloting techniques and aircraft maintenance monitoring. Optionally, we can offer fuel saving and reduction of noise and CO₂ emission.

Our fast data retrieval and instantaneous flight data analysis will allow to optimize aircraft technical operation and comply with all local regulations including European (EASA).

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