Flight Data Monitoring

Flight Data Convertor

Flight Data Monitoring, Flight Data Analysis and Flight Operations Quality Assurance are key elements of the Safety Management System.

The ArCon product is a universal converter allowing the client to read raw data binary files coming from flight data recorders, cockpit flight data recorders or quick access recorders into simple binary data files to process in flight data analysis and FOQA applications.

ArCon stands for ARINC CONVERTER.


By default, most of flight data recorder and quick access recorder systems are recording flight data information and continuously store them into a single container. And on top of that the resulting binary file is encoded in order to force the client to buy additional specific software from the flight data recorder or quick access recorder manufacturer to read the information.

One container may include 10 to 400 flights as one single long record. 

flight data

In order to process such information, it is necessary to separate this one long file into one file per flight leg,

flight data

When the client is operating a fleet with aircraft equipped with various models of flight data recorder and quick access recorder, the exercise of data download and preparation to send to the flight data analysis and flight operational quality assurance application can quickly become cumbersome.

View of channels - example

Graphical user interface, application, table, ExcelDescription automatically generated

The channels on the screenshot are actually 1,9,17

Managing this binary implies file conversion. 

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